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Throughout recent history, when you wanted to send somebody flowers, you would walk into your local Las Vegas flower shop; make your selection, place your order and your florist would deliver your flowers locally to whomever you wanted to send them to. Soon after that, florists were able to use a service that most of us have called a wire service. A wire service allows us to send orders between states, while providing you with a local brick and mortar store to walk into, make your selection and come back to if there is a problem with your order. The way that a wire service works financially is when you place your order here with us at our brick and mortar store and we wire it out to another florist in another state for delivery, we will make 20% of the total cost of that order, the wire service will make 10% and the filling florist in another state will make 70% of the cost of that order plus their delivery charge to deliver that order to your loved one. With the advent of the interne