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When you make that call to order flowers for your loved one, consider letting the florist choose the varieties and design. This can go a long way towards you getting a larger arrangement with better looking flowers than if the florist must stick to a specific recipe. One of the reasons for this is that flowers are perishable items, similar to grocery store produce. When you go to the grocery store, strawberries may look great today, but, apples may be looking a little less than desirable. A florist goes shopping in the morning before they open and will pick what looks best today. Therefore if you trust the florist to make that decision you will ultimately be getting the best varieties that were offered that day. Another reason why you may get a better end product is that if your arrangement calls for 3 orange asiatic lilies and there just so happens to be no perfect asiatic lilies that day, the florist may be forced to use some imperfect ones just to satisfy the recipe for the arrange